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Huain Helps University Intelligent Teaching Meetings System

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Huain Helps University Intelligent Teaching Meetings System

It is a national key university directly under the ministry of teaching meeting, a multidisciplinary, research-oriented university featuring information technology, and an important training base for information technology talents in China.

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HUAIN built an intelligent paperless conference system for the conference room of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, providing a feature-rich conference communication platform for the school teachers' meeting.

HUAIN's paperless conference system integrates practical functions such as meeting reservation, meeting check-in, voting, screen sharing, information access, document annotation, and conference services, which is conducive to improving the participants' meeting efficiency, making the originally complex meeting process more efficient and convenient, and facilitating the on-site control of the teachers' meeting.

At the same time, we also use lifting transverse beam array conference unit HY-HL200 series with the speech, built-in 5 9.7 mm gold-plated capacitive pickup head, 5 pickup head with transverse sound source and angle array technology, pick up accurate, smooth sound, will fall back to keep the desktop neat.

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Here, you can see that the visual management system can synchronize screen switching with the paperless system, and the presenter can set up video and manuscript synchronous demonstration to make the meeting progress unified. Documents can be electronic, not only easy to upload, save, after the meeting can also be a key to destroy, reduce the waste of resources, and improve the office security of college teachers meeting.





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