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HUAIN Provides Conference Solutions for Chongqing University

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HUAIN Provides Conference Solutions for Chongqing University

HUAIN Provides Conferencing Solutions for Chongqing University

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Chongqing University's two lecture halls upgraded conference solutions, through the sound reinforcement system can amplify the speaker's voice, to ensure that the audience in every corner of the seat can be heard; central control system to control the sound and electricity in the lecture hall, lighting, projection and other equipment, to achieve the control of the entire venue; visualization and management system for the meeting of the lecture hall to provide real-time audio and video information to display the screen.

The application of HUAIN conference solutions in college meeting can bring various beneficial changes, improve the efficiency, participation, experience and management level of the meeting, and provide better support and guarantee for college teaching, research and management.

- A centralized management platform can be provided.

- Easier access to conference information and materials.

- Facilitates the organization of meeting agendas by meeting organizers.

- Increased participation and interactivity in meetings.

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Chongqing University has realized a comprehensive upgrade of its conference system by introducing HUAIN intelligent audio and video conferencing solutions, which not only improves the efficiency of the meeting but also allows participants to enjoy a more convenient and comfortable conference experience.

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In addition, Huain for this round table room using dual-diaphragm touch conference microphone HY-6320 series of speech, 4 "high-definition LCD fully laminated touch screen, just a touch, you can realize the meeting clear speech.

Support for hand-in-hand meetings and phantom power dual-system audio signal output at the same time, can double guarantee the audio signal; can accurately restore the sound signal, better performance of the sound details and texture.

Dual-diaphragm touch conference system to ensure the clear communication of the conference sound, so that each participant can fully participate in the meeting.

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We believe that in the future, HUAIN will bring you intelligent and efficient audio and video conferencing solutions.





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