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HUAIN Meeting Room Microphone System in Kosovo Government Assembly

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HUAIN Meeting Room Microphone System in Kosovo Government Assembly

The Lipljan Municipal Council, under the leadership of its Chairman Daute Ahmeti, recently conducted its work for the 14th consecutive meeting, in which it adopted all the agenda items proposed for the current session. Mayor Imri Ahmeti, along with the heads of the Municipal Board of Directors, answered all the questions raised by the members of the City Council.

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During the session, the City Council approved the proposal for approval of the Local Environmental Action Plan, the proposal for approval of the Integrity Plan of the City of Lipljan, the plan for publication of the proposal for the list of special real estate of the municipality, to be put into operation in 2023, and the decision on the proposal for approval of the plan for the assessment of the risk of natural disasters and other hazards in the territory of the City of Lipljan.

During the session there was also a report on the implementation of the Integrity Plan of the Municipality of Lipljan, as well as information from the Municipal Coordination Committee for the Protection of Victims of Gender Violence.

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HUAIN  embedded touch conference unit for Kosovo Lipljan municipal government tailored to the use of embedded design, full aluminum alloy panel embedded touch acrylic panel, with waterproof and dustproof function, according to the Lipljan government conference table opening size customized production, to solve the desktop open the wrong size and so on, but also for the government to customize the exclusive unit LOGO, professional production, stable and safe.

The meeting room microphone system is easy to operate, with a variety of conference speaking modes, to adapt to different speaking needs, using high-fidelity 9.7 mm gold-plated capacitive pickup head, excellent sound quality, clear speech, super anti-interference, to fully meet the needs of high-quality speeches for government work meetings.

In the government customized conference room microphone system project, HUAIN conference system has many years of stable and safe experience, the products and services cover many countries and regions around the world, the products involved in international conferences, government agencies, the National People's Congress, the intelligent sector, the judiciary, command centers, groups of companies, colleges and universities, hospitals, museums, etc. HUAIN provides the global audio-video users with more competitive Intelligent conference system solutions and services.

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(Panel with 2 holes for fixing positioning screws)

Touch control + waterproof design + video tracking

Comes with 8-pin cable and a network port

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Touch control + waterproof design + video tracking

+3.5mm headphone port + OLED display

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