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Digital Wired Discussion Basic Conference Unit HY-S500C/D

good quality HUAIN wired conference microphone system uses a daisy-chain hand-pull connection. Supporting video camera tracking,push-button design, easy to use. This basic digital conference system is your first choice!
  • HY-S500C/D



    Strong anti-interference technology, and supports connection methods such as linear hand grip, T-shaped head hand grip, and circular hand grip.strong anti-interference technology, and supports connection methods such as linear hand grip, T-shaped head hand grip, and circular hand grip.

|Data Sheet

Modelwired conference microphone system
Microphone type9.7mm gold plated microphone core
Signal to noise ratio>90dB
Total harmonic distortion< 0.05%
Microphone sensitivity-37dB±2dB
Working voltage24V DC±5%
Working current80mA ±5%
Connector8-core (or Network interface)
Video trackingYes

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- All-digital conference technology for digital signal transmission and processing.

- Stem connectors and all studs are made of pure copper to restore sound quality and ensure stable sound quality.

- DSP / DDOV digital processing and transmission technology to overcome long distance transmission attenuation problems, line distance up to 150 meters.

- The system supports single wire, splitter box, T-head, ring handle and other connection methods.

- The system adopts 8-core DIN with shielded cable or CAT5 cable, which can effectively avoid and prevent electromagnetic interference on the line.

- The unit is a passive device, 24V power supply from the conference host, low-power design, a single channel can be connected to 30 conference units.

- Support the camera, through the conference host, control keyboard or computer PC software presets, the camera can automatically track.

- The system has a first-in-first-out operation mode, the number of speakers can be set to 1 to 6 people, the chairman of the unit is not limited.

- The system has free discussion mode, all conference units can speak freely without any restriction.

Through the PC conference management software, it supports the application of speaking mode, queuing mode, computer-allowed mode and speaking time limit mode.

- Each unit has a line power "hot-swap" function between them.

- With intelligent audio detection function.

- Electret supercardioid directional microphone, to ensure the pickup distance and sound quality, pickup distance up to 50cm.

- The microphone pole adopts spiral detachable design.

- The system adopts ID addressing mode, conference management software or conference host on the unit customized ID number, to avoid duplication of ID number.

- With a 3.5 mm headset socket.

- Built-in 2W high-fidelity speakers.




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