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2.4G Wireless Conference System High Stability

Huain 2.4G digital wireless conference system, with chairman unit and representative unit, can connect more than 250 wireless conference units with a single host. Super anti-interference and privacy, suitable for all kinds of small, medium large conference occasions.
  • HY-5830C/DA1


wireless conference system

2.4G Wireless Presidential / Delegate Conference System

• With wireless charging function.

• Waterproof and dust-proof design, 6 "super-large capacitive sensing touch glass panel.

• 2 "LCD high-brightness display, which can display the speech time, ID address and battery power.

• Support video tracking.

• Removable large-capacity lithium battery, with dual charging device function, supports wireless charging and charging box charging.

• Support 10 hours of continuous use.

• The system can access 4 chairman units at the same time, and the chairman unit has priority function.

• It has strong anti-interference ability.

Control Centre for Digital Conference System

• Aluminum alloy panel touch glass panel.

• Equipped with 3.8-inch LCD display and control keys, Chinese and English menu display (customizable)

• Super anti-interference: ISM frequency band, 2.4G digital frequency hopping (DSSS) modulation communication technology, can completely coexist with WiFi.

• 128-bit AES Rijndael and 48-bit PIN code are encrypted to prevent eavesdropping and unauthorized access and ensure the privacy of the meeting.

• The frequency response can reach 20Hz-20KHz, close to CD sound quality.

• A single host can connect 250+wireless conference units.

• Built-in DSP digital audio module, with adaptive feedback suppression, digital equalizer, automatic gain function.

• Built-in camera tracking host board.

• The system supports VISCA, PELCO-D and PELCO-P conventional control protocols, and adopts RS485/RS422 control mode.

• 4 × 2-way video matrix switching function.

• four working modes:

  * First in, first out working mode

  * Chairman dedicated working mode

  * Time-limited speech working mode

  * Restricted speech working mode

• Built-in dual-power backup device can be powered by AC100V~240V international general power supply or DC12V~17V power adapter.

Model 2.4G wireless touch chairman/representative unit
Working frequency 2.4G-2.5G
Communication distance 30M ± 5M (using 14dB antenna)
Receiving/transmitting angle 360 ° omni-directional
Microphone type Cardioid directional electret
Frequency response 30Hz~20KHz
Signal-to-noise ratio >90dB
Dynamic range 96dB
Total harmonic distortion < 0.05%
Microphone sensitivity -37dB±2dB
Lithium battery capacity 3000mA
Working power supply 3.7V DC
Maximum sound pressure level 125dB (THD<3%)
Number of units opened 1/2/3/4 sets
Number of chairpersons 4 sets
Number of VIP 4 sets
Length of microphone rod 375mm
Weight 0.95Kg




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